Construction Materials in Turkey

Construction Materials in Turkey

Construction Materials in Turkey

Turkey leading the way to success in the production of construction materials and is a fast-growing sectors of the economy. Thanks to the use of advanced technology and natural mineral richness, the construction industry can play a major role in the development and export to abroad.

Materials exports to Turkey from abroad;

Dry building composites
Paint materials and so on.

Turkey  has the  best marble, travertine, limestone and onyx quarry in the world. Marble stone is found in almost all regions of Turkey.

The south of the country (Barsak, Antalya and Feke) is very rich with onyx beds. Raw large blocks are exported to countries such as Taiwan, China and Italy.

The quality of construction materials Turkey complies with the European standards. In addition, the material in the building materials market in Turkey has offered competitive prices.

When you look at the construction in Turkey it is being used indigenous materials. With the development of the construction industry, construction material production has increased considerably.

The main task of the Turkish construction industry is to increase the quality of the materials produced through advanced new technologies and to present them to the world market. Adoçim Cement Concrete, Votorantim Cement, Akçansa Cimentas, Ashkali Cement companies are among the best manufacturers of building materials market of Turkey.

Building materials trade fair is held every year in Turkey. The International Building Materials and Construction Technology Fair of 2018 will be in Istanbul from 8th to 12th May.

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